If you´ve aready used Windows Virtual Desktop since its general availability in September 2019 you´re maybe wondering while using the so called spring release, why you can´t see your existing Host Pools from this management interface?

A question I got asked since the 30th April is, how can we move existing Host Pools to the new ARM based Management UI?

This can be easily done by Marcel Meurer´s WVDAdmin in its latest release. He created a stunning video on how to achieve a migration from the existing Host Pool to the new release.

Check this out:

Migrate a Windows Virtual Desktop Host Pool from Fall to Spring release with WVDAdmin

Really excited to see what can be achieved with this tool in the future!

If you just started with WVD, then I can highly recommend you to use this tool for your daily administrative tasks.

For the case that you want to know more about the tool in general, please find the link to Marcel´s blog, where he describes all the functionalities in detail – Click here

Thanks for reading and sharing!