In my last article of this series “The modern workplace in times of Corona Virus”, I wrote about Windows Virtual Desktop and it´s capabilities in a very basic way. We discovered together how to access your resources with the new RemoteDesktop app by Microsoft and how the process works for your end users. But now it´s time to get a little bit more technical, this is the reason why I focus on the individual image creation and the best practices for WVD including the configuration of the Office 365 ProPlus suite and FSLogix combined with Best Practices for the local optimization of Windows 10.

For this reason I created a PDF with best practices I gathered the past years in the creation of Golden Images which I would like to share with you.

This document can be used as a kind of “Cheat Sheet” and covers the following topics over 22 pages:

Step 1: The Resource Group.

Step 2: Which Azure Store template should I use as a Golden Image?

Step 3: The Virtual Machine VM creation.

Step 4: Up-to-date is better than up-too-late.

Step 5: Remove pre-installed AppxPackages.

Step 6: Disable all non-required Windows Services.

Step 7: Remove Scheduled Tasks.

Step 8: Installation of software components – Office ProPlus.

Step 9: Install OneDrive ina per-machine mode.

Step 10: Install Teams in a per-machine mode.

Step 11: Create a pre-defined StartMenuLayout which is individually configurable for each user!

Step 12: Installation of FSLogix Apps for the usage of container based user profiles.

Step 12: Image creation process.

Step 13: Image creation in the Azure Portal.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the next chapter in our Windows Virtual Desktop series, when I will write about the creation of our first HostPool!

Stay safe during these times and have fun while reading!


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