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Today was a great day for me, as you´ve probably read on the weekly newsletter released today, I will support Neil and Stefan with all my passion in the WVDCommunity!

I feel very honored to support those great guys summarizing important weekly content and to develop our latest project:

The WVDCommunity Events page.

This project has been started from an idea to plan and realize community events by the people sharing their knowledge on a weekly basis. Additionally we will give everyone the chance to present and share knowledge on Windows Virtual Desktop, Azure and other cloud related content!

The only requirement is, that your video isn´t sponsored or doesn´t include any kind of advertisement.

If you´ve ever wanted to speak and share your knowledge, your time has come, just reach out to us and we´ll get in touch with you!

Follow this link for further information:


As an introduction to my new role in the WVDCommunity, Neil and Stefan organized the weekly podcast together with me to talk about our plans in the future with this events page, my autoscaling project and work-life balance. Check it out here:

It was really a pleasure for me and I´m looking forward for more exciting months, years to collaborate with everyone in the community!



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