Hi everyone,

since the name for Windows Virtual Desktop has been renamed to Azure Virtual Desktop to fit better to the purpose of the product, many of my community folks (and the communities itself) changed their names. 

For me it took a while, because I wanted to transform my kind of blogging, video creation stuff into something new. 

For that reason I’m super happy that from of today, 01.08.2021, I’m redirecting to my new blog AVDLogix.com. 

With this new start I want to take you even more with me through my EUC journey and share even more technical knowledge through different kind of Social Media. 

My focus will not change, that means, I will still focus on Azure Virtual Desktop, but I will experience new services as well such as:

Windows 365 (Cloud PC)

Since the announcement of Microsoft’s new DaaS (Desktop-as-a-Service) offering, Windows 365 is relying on the Azure Virtual Desktop backplanes and is therefor a topic I will mainly focus on in the near future. Providing you best practices, experiences, expirement outcomes and more! 

Stay tuned!

Endpoint Manager

Windows 365 (Cloud PC) and Azure Virtual Desktop can both be managed via Microsoft Endpoint Manager. As those topics fit perfectly with each other MEM will be also one of my focus topics in the future.

Microsoft Azure

How can Cloud PC, Virtual Desktop and the required infrastructure components work without the management of the platform itself? 

For that reason Azure remains of course as part of my postings related to virtual desktop infrastructures. 

With that being said, I’m happy to welcome you on my new blog and would be happy for your feedback! If you want to know anything about AVD, Windows 365, Endpoint Manager or Azure, I’m super happy to help out! 

Reach out to me on Social Media or directly here on my blog!

Looking forward hearing from you!


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